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A compilation of Doom prerelease graphics

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So some discussion a month and a half ago suggested that there wasn't a complete pack of all the graphics dumped by Romero back in 2015, and that the only one out there was highly incomplete. I decided to take all this information at face value and compile together all of the wall textures, patches, and sprites available in the dump without actually confirming that there's a complete one, heh.


No graphics (at least I hope so, I did a few checks over this...) from the IWADs are duplicated, and everything's named the way it would be named (well, mostly) so it should group elegantly with the stuff that's already there. In essence it fills the holes that were stripped from them, and provides sprites for whatever use. In cases where there's two names that duplicate a lump name, or there's multiple versions of a image that are all usable, duplicates are appended a _ as a cheap way to give them a different name. egh.


It's hard to tell for sure how many graphics in this are usable. Some are, some would require touchups, some might be entirely useless, but they're all there. I didn't do any editing to any of the graphics, beyond some tiny modifications to make things work.


Download here. Maybe I'll idgames it in the future, it depends on how the archive would feel about the legality of this. Everything is ready to go for most ports as-is, but the presence of tall patches will hinder usage of some graphics in Vanilla.

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