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Combining TEXTURE1s from multiple wads


I've been working on a map and loading wall texture resources from multiple wads to use with the map. Now I'd like to all the new textures into a final product. Is there an easy way to do this? It looks like I can't just copy/paste them into a single pwad - the patches need to preserve indexes I think. I'm using Slade and this will be a ZDoom map.

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Open each wad in a different tab in SLADE, open each wad's texture editor, and copy-paste the textures from one texture editor to the other. That should work. Internally, SLADE doesn't refer to patch by their index but by their name, the index is only used when loading the texture definitions. That also means that when saving, all new patches from the other texture resources will be added to PNAMES automatically if they weren't already common.

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