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is there a code i can put that will make all weapons disappear on the map?


I'm working on a WAD, and for it there is basically 1 weapon and I don't want the player to pick up any other weapon. So I want all weapon pickups on any map to be gone, but not any power ups though. Is there a code I can put in so it will make all the weapons in the map disappear?

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Here's an even better idea: Replace the weapons with something, rather than nothing. Also, I forgot the ACTOR keyword before. In this case, the empty brackets mean no changes from the actor it inherits from, rather than an empty actor.

ACTOR Chainsaw2 : Berserk replaces Chainsaw {}

ACTOR Shotgun2 : ArmorBonus replaces Shotgun
  Scale 1.5
  Armor.SaveAmount 20

ACTOR SuperShotgun2 : HealthBonus replaces SuperShotgun
  Scale 1.5
  Inventory.Amount 20

ACTOR Chaingun2 : GreenArmor replaces Chaingun {}

ACTOR RocketLauncher2 : BlueArmor replaces RocketLauncher {}

ACTOR PlasmaRifle2 : SoulSphere repalces PlasmaRifle {}

ACTOR BFG90002 : MegaSphere replaces BFG9000 {}


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Make empty replacements for each weapon, except fist and pistol, of course. Something like this:

NoShotgun replaces Shotgun {}
NoSuperShotgun replaces SuperShotgun {}
NoChaingun replaces Chaingun {}
NoRocketLauncher replaces RocketLauncher {}
NoPlasmaRifle replaces PlasmaRifle {}
NoGBF9000 replaces BFG9000 {}
NoChainsaw replaces Chainsaw {}


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