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Current state of Small development

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Eternity has now ran several scripts from its first "game script."

The gamescript, stored in the lump GAMESCR, is a global area for scripts. These scripts are loaded once at startup (and will eventually be reloaded for non-hub savegames) and remain persistent between levels. This will be the best place for monster codepointer scripts called from A_StartScript, for game-play related scripts like a custom scripted weapon, perhaps status bar and HUD add ons through "FSPics" (yet to be renamed), and lots of other stuff.

You can only dream of doing most of that in ACS right now :P

Here's a (very short) list of native functions implemented:

*** ConsolePrint(const string[], ...)

Prints out any number of string parameters as a single message to the console. Support for colors and text translucency is implicit through escape characters ^80 and above.

*** ConsoleHR()

Prints out one of those fancy-shmancy hr-tag style divider bars. You can do this through ConsolePrint by using a string like {|||}, but that's ugly, so this is a convenience method.

*** itoa(num, string[], base, packed)

Converts an integer into a string and stores it in the provided space. Can use any base between 2 and 36, and supports both packed and unpacked Small strings.

That's it so far. I've been focusing on the console io module for now because output is very important for being able to test the more complicated scripts later on :->

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