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I've started uploading new /Newstuff playthroughs

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Hi all. I have been recording my Doom playthroughs with commentary since summer 2018 and have finally managed (read: dared) to upload the first of them. I was inspired to do this by King G's hilarious videos. I am using Complex Doom LCA, later upgrading to Clusterfuck for later playthroughs. It's the first time I've ever done a spoken commentary to anything so any and all feedback would be very gratefully received! Fortunately my confidence does greatly improve over time!


My first upload is part 1 of Bloody Rust 2. I am trying to review /Newstuff wads in order to get recognition for new maps and mappers, but I have also played through Doom 2 and Requiem for old times sake, with plenty more to come... if anyone wants it!


Thank you so much in advance for any views, comments and likes!



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