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haruko haruhara

Inexpressible 1 beta 1 megawad 7 maps

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hello everyone i made a wad called Inexpressible 1 it used to be called FLCL 2 but that was a bad idea but here it is i made this wad in 8/16/18        sorry i don.t know how to make screenshots      





but is works with every  source port well it does with boom but windows are messup you will see why  well i hope you  enjoy the wad :)








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The wad has some issues:


1: Misalignments. I noticed on the teleporters and other places.


2: In the first level, I noticed when the exit door closes, the room before it does too. It shouldn't.


3: In one of the levels, I had to crouch to get anywhere.


4: A key to the only level exit should not be in an area marked secret. 


Fix these issues for starters.

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oh that was the issues huh well i made this wad when i did not know how to turn the teleporters  around.


an why was the door doing that well if you were playing it with boom this is not a boom format wad i play with zandronum an gzdoom sometimes 


what do you mean  i had to crouch to get any where that does not happen to me an what map is it


i had know ideas at the time


i will try to fix these issuse

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