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Looking for long lost music track, please help.

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Sorry if this is off topic, I don't think there was anywhere else to post it and it seemed appropriate to post it here since this is a request about a wad.


Back in the day I used to play the ZDaemon CTF Map Packs online. It was around the time when the third CTF map pack was coming out, and I got an early version of said map pack right when it came out (it might have been a beta version or something, I was a kid so I don't remember very well). I remember there was a really beautiful track that used to play on MAP29 (Under Siege) that later got replaced with this Hexen song. I've been looking for the original MAP29 song to this very day.


It haunts me and I only remember that I really loved it. I barely even remember it anymore, since it has been over 10 years. I fruitlessly search for earlier versions of the wad I'm talking about in hopes that it will be that old version with the original map29 song and I always fail, so I don't know what else to do but ask about it here. Can anyone help me find it?

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Did you ask on the ZDaemon forums? That's probably where you're most likely to find someone who may have kept it. Around here, perhaps @Doomkid could help you, he's been kind of an archivist of the early deathmatch scene.

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When I’m next at my PC I’ll hunt around and ask a few people who may have it, hopefully I can find it.

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