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CTF & Last Team Standing? ala CS:GO

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I am interested in doing something akin to CounterStrike, in having 2 teams, an objective, and 1 life per round. Is this feasable with preexisting doom mods?


thaks in advance.

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I have made a CTF mode in the following 4 mods which can be used with Team LMS:

Doom Fortress 2

Skulltag Emulation

DUBG (name change pending)

And the base CTF mode, works with any gameplay mod


For the most/best maps choose either Skulltag Emulation or DUBG. Skulltag has 10 (20 if you count ST maps) CTF maps and work nicely with most gameplay mods.

DUBG is a gameplay mod by itself and has only two but fairly refined CTF maps.


To play it, you need to start up a match of Team LMS in one of the maps, in DUBG it's DCTF01-DCTF02, Skulltag Emulation is D2CTF1 to D2CTF10 and D2ST1 to D2ST10 for Skulltag mode maps, Base CTF is MAP01 to MAP03 and Doom Fortress 2 i can't remember.

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