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The /newstuff Chronicles #546

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Sorry I didn't know how to get their attention lol. Plus this thread is dead.

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On 4/3/2019 at 4:25 AM, Walter confetti said:

I hope he's not have anything serious like heavy health problems or similar...


I spoke to Bloodshedder back in February on Facebook, he was fine then. I will message him.

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Posted (edited)

Speaking of reviews it has been quite a few months. Is Bloodshedder okay?


Edit. Sorry I didn't see the next page where this was already addressed


Double edit. I put something up, that's why I have been eager

Edited by dybbuk

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He saw my message on Facebook, but has yet to respond. So he is fine, just presumably busy.

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The funny thing is, near the end of 2018 I specifically went on a /newstuff review spree, telling myself: "Okay, this backlog looks daunting, but if we, the reviewers, just grit our teeth and get down to business, we can do this! Yup, the new youth of /newstuff begins today!"


Aaaaand right then /newstuff went on the longest hiatus ever.

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Indeed. Still no reply. He's been online a few times I have seen. Really not sure what more to do. Do not want to harass him in case he is dealing with some crap.

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