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The Strife Commando

Excited For Eternal?

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Whether or not he'll replace the actual Baron, i still hope the Fire Baron has something new to him.

Like, maybe he shoots lava that can continuously decrease the player's health for a while after it hits him.

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That's an understatement!!! Especially after seeing that battle wallpaper and that colossal thing moving, And dragons, hexen style mages etc

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On 6/28/2019 at 6:16 AM, OrbitalSpaceGarbage said:

Yes, but my PC is way too potato to be able to deal with it. So I'm gonna have to wait.


As i play through Doom 2016 for my first time, my excitement slowly grows for Doom Eternal but i'm kind-of in the same boat as you are so i feel your pain albeit my PC isn't necessarily a potato. It's just that i'll either encounter some issues running Eternal or i won't be able to run it at all.


I don't see myself upgrading my PC (aka building a new one) until next year at the very least, although if i start saving up money now i just might be able to make that mark as i'll probably have to rebuy everything as my case is shit as well (the front USB ports are broken). The only thing i can probably reuse is my PSU (unless 600 watts isn't sufficient for w/e i buy), my 1TB HDD and possibly my monitor.

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Excited for Eternal? Given the trailer made me feel all tingly, yes, yes I am.

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