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The Strife Commando

Excited For Eternal?

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3 hours ago, The Strife Commando said:

No one is a boomer. He was giving his thoughts.

It's a joke, I didn't even call him a boomer? 


Come on Doomer get with the program.

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It’s a joke because you lack a counter-argument, not because it’s funny. It’s easier to just say “ok doomer” than it is to either agree to disagree, or to actually take the time to have a discussion on the pluses and minuses of the games. It’s easier to write off anything you disagree with as Fuddy or “Boomer”-like than it is to learn why someone may feel the way they do. It’s easier to quote their comments but not actually add anything to the conversation. I’ll take the joke, as I’d rather just be an old doomer than someone who can’t engage in conversation. 

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I think the more general view that most people will have in these games would be something along the line of "they're good games with good stuff but also have some flaws and aren't the definitive Doom, because there's always going to be some major bits from the classics that will make them more important than you'd think".

While i am excited for the game, i can understand most issues people have with the games (because i know even i will have some stuff i don't agree with) since it helps to see through a different viewpoint.


Compared to a lot of series that changed direction or died, Doom is lucky to have a large modding scene and creativy community, while Romero, if i recall, said he wouldn't make another Doom after 2.

But at the same time, this could be less about "making more Doom" and more about the identity, because most people will view this series differently from how they seen it years ago.


It's good when people have different views and tastes in a particular topic, but when you like something that you think is special, it can feel alienating when you compare the state of a franchise to how it was years ago and notice a lot of differences.

Sometimes, it's not even about hating it or quality, but more about the differences and most of the features.


It's interesting to even think of scenarios like "what if there was another classic Doom game after D2" and try to guess which aspects of the reboot games or even something like 3 could have showed up in the minds of someone like Romero or someone else like Adrian Carmack or Sandy Petersen.


And new fans with different prespectives is a good thing (this also happens with older fans even) but sometimes, you can get the feeling that because of a series being relevant and popular enough, you wonder whether or not they like it beyond a surface value way and whether or not they're going to stay or end up chasing another trend.


Doom is one of those franchises that might as well have relied on its fanbase, considering the source port history and playable content (which also shows a difference between mods and even fangames, to fan-art or fan-fiction (different mediums, though, with variety of quality and types)) so some worry if new fans aren't going to carry the torch or worse: older fans will give up or vanish as well.


Something else nobody wants to see in a fanbase is the "brand defender type consumer" sort of person.

Like, those Funko Pop nerds that RedLetterMedia usually mock.

Because it shows what might as well be an otherwise fake passion for something, as opposed to actualy invest in a series or learn about it.

When you criticize something in a series you like, even with some opinions some will disagree, that's more interesting than "don't question thing, just say it's perfect and get excited for next thing"

It kind of parallels an aspect of humanity where you see flaws in your close ones, but you still love them.


I'm glad to be around Doomworld, ZDoom forums and even something like the Doom generals on /vr/ because flaws aside, there's still fans with passion and content for the series.

r/Doom gives me different dives, probably because it's Reddit.


I feel like any game series would benefit from having its equivalent of Doom wads and source ports.


And the new id Software still has some passion for their games, despite how they make it or how they view the series from some fans.

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I personally am not excited for Doom Eternal. I recently beat Doom 2016 and I'm not really a fan at all. I hope is that official release of Doom 64 for PC isn't tied to this game and that it gets sold separately.

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On 1/2/2020 at 3:17 AM, whatup876 said:

"what if there was another classic Doom game after D2


Well, there was one: Doom 64.


It's essentially classic Doom with more emphasis on the horror aspect of the games, although not developed by id themselves.

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6 hours ago, seed said:


Well, there was one: Doom 64.


It's essentially classic Doom with more emphasis on the horror aspect of the games, although not developed by id themselves.


I wonder if anyone at Midway even thought of Doom 64 being seen as a "Doom 3" of some sorts.

Because different art style aside and the importance of Doom's "canon", there were plans for new enemies, themes and more stuff that sadly were never explored.

Cut content in games always make you think some stuff could have been saved and Doom 64 (or any other game) is no different from this. (at least mods are a thing and even Doom 3 has some options to bring back the commandos going "Your kind are over")

But a problem is trying to figure out what someone's vision even was and whether or not you do a good job at realizing their plans.

Not everything can be like the Quake 1 expansions or the mod Doom Delta but at the same time, it takes executing something badly at first so you can find a better use of it afterwards, maybe,


Speaking of a classic Doom 3 and 64, Quake could be another arguement of a possible Doom 3 that even leads to the idea of Doom being a spiritual sequel to Wolfenstein 3D, at least if you don't consider Rise of The Triad. (because they're technically id's FPS trio)

It also happens that mods and Wads aside, Romero never considered a follow up after Doom 2. (unless i'm wrong, so corrections are welcome)

And then there's the crossover universe stuff, most of it was fan theories, shared details, reused assets or easter eggs.


It doesn't hurt having other games besides Doom 1 and 2 of course, specially with ideas that either fit or are at least good enough, even with some flaws the new games have, the values they never carry from previous titles or just some differences in terms of identity or direction that doesn't really define Doom's DNA at the beginning.


But i guess it's also fun to compare different things and analyze them.

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I have spent the last 3 years purposely avoiding any publicity, previews or those "First 30 minutes" videos. I gotta tell you, it's hard not to look, I got weak once, broke and watched the first game play video like a year ago, but that's it. I'm super, SUPER excited!!!!!

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