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How is it looking with Pain Bringer sprite?

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I'm completely new here, just created an account. I've been playing Freedoom for a few days -- it's such an excellent game -- I've just noticed the Pain Lord/Bringer sprites are still WIP, is that right? Is anyone working on them?


I've quickly tried some mockup improvement with GIMP:




What do you think? If anyone wants to build on that, feel free, I release it under the Freedoom license.


Also the combat slug seems like it's not complete yet -- the style is a bit off and it's missing details -- is that one meant to be improved as well?

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It looks very nice, however you are likely using an older version of Freedoom.

These are the current sprites for the Pain lord: BOSSA1.png.73890f8384b9f82d8c03221213f8fec5.png and Pain bringer: BOS2A1.png.645e10c090237b6a7fcc2b83a60bc24e.png.

The Combat slug and many other sprites could be qualified as "incomplete" , but due to the method which Freedoom is produced anything can be improved by anyone.

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Oh that's great, thanks :-) I think the packages in my distro are outdated, I'll install from source. But the webpage still says this sprite needs to be completed, here:




Should be updated I guess.


I have also encountered missing levels -- have all of them been added now? Is there a progress summary anywhere?

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The "incomplete concept sketches" likely refers to the older sprites in the version which you have, it lacks "attacking" sprites and the walking sprites were rather stiff looking.


I believe Freedoom Phase 2 has a full set of levels, but Phase 1 lacks chapter 3 map 5. Any wads created for Doom 1 or Doom 2 can be played with Freedoom Phase 1 or Phase 2, though. 

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