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Merry Christmas!

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Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and/or happy holidays to you and yours! Please have a wonderful, safe, and loving holiday.

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I too would like to extend my good holiday wishes upon you, regardless of who you are, my opinion on whatever you are or whatever our previous interactions were I'd like to say that I do hope you enjoy yourself and cherish those around you.


Enjoy life, or at the very least help others enjoy life.


Good luck to all and Merry Christmas

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Have a safe Christmas, and do it in Hell with a Super Shotgun! If you get bored, stop by my 'DOOM Inspired Christmas Music' in the 'Creative Works' thread and tell everyone your Christmas Song....


May you and your Demons of Hell somehow find the Merriment! What a wacky and strange world!






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Yes, Merry Christmas guys. Be safe and have fun. Been one hell of a year for me. Gonna be one hell of a year coming up. Yet Doomworld is always a consistent place in my life, even if I mostly just lurk these days. If any of y'all have Destiny 2 on PC, that's where you'll find me now when I'm not sleeping or working. Hopefully I can upgrade the potato before Doom Eternal and Rage 2 come out.


Edit: my account is old enough to drive now. :D

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For this wonderful Christmas season I'd like to share one of the xmas stories I heard on a particular xmas radio special: 

" In the city of London in 1842  a young apprentice named William Egley was thinking of a new way to share the christmas spirit with his friends. He printed out and sent out hundreds of copies of what may have been the first real Christmas card, it wasnt an elaborate affair, just a picture of a Christmas scene and a simply worded greeting.

Today the Christmas card has become one of the most popular holiday traditions around the world, but the thought behind even the most modern card is still Egley's simply greeting : A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. The holiday season has been enriched by a storm of traditions form many many lands for all of us to share as we share in our hearts the Christmas spirit of warmth and joy and hope and a wish for peace on earth . "

A merry merry Christmas to all of you... I'm sure having one myself. :) 


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