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Uac Soldier V 1.2

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Hello to all doomworld !, today I release a wad that was originally just a wad for me, but I decided to release it since there are not many wads about this


well, this mod implement the uac marines, all enemies are replaced with marines of the uac, this comes well with wads that put you as a demon character


in this new version, We Has New Soldiers, And yes, a new boss what if you have very bad luck, you will face him


and best of all, it is compatible with almost all mods


although it occupies my wad hectic, I assure you it's pretty fun


I am open to opinions, suggestions and, of course, criticism


The original Marines Were Made By DBJ87

balanced, created the replacer and a new Marine by me




Use This Order


The Soldiers: 1



The Core And My Principal Wad: 2










Edited by Gaia74 : New Version

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Update 1.2:


Now, We Has New Soldiers, And yes, a new boss what if you have very bad luck, you will face him

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