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MD3 Models and frames


So I have managed to get a model in game, working with textures and normal/spec, and ive got it animating somewhat. Problem is the animation is 60 frames long.


Now from what I can gather I can only have the max of the alphabet letters A-Z. Or am I wrong and how do I go about getting it to play the full 60 frames. I checked




But there is only so much you can get from there. Nothing about max frames or whatnot.



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You can get more frames by using another sprite name, like CYB1 frames A - Z followed by CYB2 frames A - Z, etc.

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Cheers fella. Although I ended up just shortening the animation frames in cinema 4D, which to be honest doesnt look to bad after running it through Noesis, plus you control the animation framerate through doom tics :D.

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