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Animated Textures - How do I make them?


I want to make some animated screens and switches, but I have no idea where to start.
I can make the texture frames, but how do I make them work together to make things like old CRT scan lines as well as static and how to make a switch...switch?

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Depends on the target port. In vanilla, you'll need a little texture trickery to do it.

For Boom-compatibly (but not ZDoom), you'll need to use the ANIMATED lump, which Slade can create for you and allow you to edit directly, for animated textures.

For switches, you'll need to use the SWITCHES lump, which Slade can also make for you to edit directly.




For ZDoom, you can use ANIMDEFS, which has more capabilities than ANIMATED and SWITCHES, and allows you to write animated textures and switches in the same text file.


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SLADE can also create an ANIMDEFS lump from selected ANIMATED and/or a SWITCHES lumps.

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