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Disparate Realities - A 9 Map Slaughter wad (-cl9) [idgames]

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played map01, and in the middle of map02 right now on HMP. really loving it so far, awesome stuff :D currently stuck at the HK + cyb horde fight on map02, think maybe I missed a bfg somewhere? in any case, really looking forward to grinding out more. the fights have all been really fun so far, and idclev-ing through the remainder of the maps just to glance at the start has me really excited to play in those environments too!

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just wanted to say that in my opinion this wad is pretty damn good, even if i did have a small part in helping test it ;) Lots of large open spaces to approach setups in different ways, some pretty novel fight setups which inspired me with my own maps, and general all round enjoyable combat from what i have seen.. highly recommended!
DISCLAIMER: i was not paid to write this comment... well not yet anyway :P

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23 minutes ago, Tango said:

played map01, and in the middle of map02 right now on HMP.

hey, thanks for checking the wad out, especially on HMP or really anything other than UV! I need to know if my balancing efforts worked or not. 

that being said, if there are no outstanding bug reports from anyone within a week or so I'll (probably) try to get this up on idgames at that point.

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I should probably try it on HMP just for kicks..


Having spent a lot of time with it, I'd love to hear experienced/high skilled players thoughts on the WAD. Some of the fights for me on UV were truly nasty and still are.

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More experienced mappers have struggled to kill me as quickly as NoReason here.  I don't really have a whole lot else to say.  I've had a lot of fun, I've died an absolute shit load, and I've only played the first two maps tonight.

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Really sick wad. Hopefully more people who like sort of long slaughtery maps get to play these.

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On 5/24/2019 at 11:59 PM, Killer5 said:

Really sick wad. Hopefully more people who like sort of long slaughtery maps get to play these.


Totally agreed. More slaughter fans need to check this one out.

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+1 from me as well (yay necropost. Kinda). Really enjoyed this.


I have a playlist here for those interested, finished DR only a few days ago.

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Hey Dude, greetings from the Doomdaddies! 

In case you don't know us, we are an old Doom Clan and play this game since '93



Yesterday, we played the first 6 levels of your wad and will continue this weekend. At first, I'd like to thank you for your work: lot's of details in every map and I really like the changing color schemes...and the hordes...great man!!


There are just some things I wanted to ask you, because we did not get the idea behind this.


At first: is it a single play wad or multiplayer? A wad with that amount of monsters is perfect to play with your friends, we usually do this in survival mode, 1 or 2 lifes. You added multiplayer spawns to your level, so everybody thinks: perfect four multiplayer - but then, in every map there are traps that keep the others out. And there is no teleport to get back in. Why?

For example, directly in the beginning of map 5: multiplayerspawn, but then you go right and the red pillars close after hitting the switch. They can not be reopened once and then they stay closed? Why?? That does not make any sence at all :-) You spend so much time with all those details, why did not you add some teleporters  that open for other players, when a trap closes? It is really frustrating when playing this with 3 people, 1 gets trapped, dies and the others have to restart the map- or clip into it.  Think about it!


Point2 : teleporters when you fall somewhere: in our opinion, there are too many zones where you can easily fall into the lava and there is no teleporter to get you out. Also frustrating... hide it but let it be there!

(Map 5 the beginning: not 1 teleporter in the lava; 

even worse: map 6: you have to jump from pillar to pillar which is not that easyand there is not one 1 teleporter if you fail?? Seriously?? Is this designed to play with save & reload? Or are you guys just genious in pillar-jumping? LOL


Point 3: it is very difficult, when adding that amount of monsters, to find the right level of what is fair. In my opinion, you design is mostly good, but sometimes there is a lack of space to move. The beginning of map 2 is hard, but okay to handle with 2 players....map 5...in some rooms you just dont' have enough space to move (with more than 1 person).


I am looking foward for your answer and for the rest of your wad.

Don't take me wrong: I am glad that people like you exist and still offer their time to build great wads like these and we just wanted to add constructive criticism  :-)


Have a nice day!


Burzum (Doomdaddies)


Edited by DD-BURZUM

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9 hours ago, DD-BURZUM said:

lots of coop stuff


Thanks for taking the time to post about this! Basically, I didn't know what I was doing but was trying to make it fully coop compatible (since I enjoy coop a lot myself), so I understand any frustrations that would be experienced during playing this. I've learned quite a bit since I made this.


1. The version on idgames is pretty much single play only due to many mistakes in lock-ins and such. There is a better coop version hosted on TSPG I believe, but even that has one or two issues.


2. That is intentional in most maps, although I did mean to put teleporters on map06 to alleviate the annoyance of platforming repeatedly, but unfortunately didn't get around to doing that.


3. This is also intentional, at least for single player, but I suppose I didn't really think about multiplayer in regard to extremely cramped fights.

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Made an account to express how much i'm enjoying this so far.

However I wish to bring your attention to a small flaw in map02. After grabbing the BFG on the teleport (sector 412) as intended and fighting the Viles, the doors (sectors with tag 8) closed on me. I must've tripped over one of these small segmented single-use line triggers caused by the roof decoration.
Pic related, selecting line 2186 in the big L-shaped room in the lower-left corner of the map:

Thought I was trapped til I went back and discovered the switch that re-opened it was REUSABLE! Smart thinking if you apprehended this!

Maybe consider making it impossible for the player to close the doors accidentally, through some kind of rearrangement of the triggers? One unavoidable single-use, single line would solve this. Or maybe make it simpler to re-open the doors, such as passively walking into the BFG teleporter?


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6 hours ago, Bearcore said:

Made an account to express how much i'm enjoying this so far. + stuff


I'm glad you're enjoying it. Yeah, I was aware of that door closing issue but I passed over it when I was doing fixes because I figured it wasn't important enough. Over the last few months though I've realized how annoying those doors can be.

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