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Doom Marine

Is there a way to delay or cancel the demo at the title screen?

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You could probably override the demo lumps with invalid lumps with identical names, such as a graphic. I don't know if this would crash vanilla or any other ports or if it even works.

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using an invalid lump will unfortunately crash vanilla with an error about the demo being the wrong version (for example, an empty .txt file saved as an .lmp read as version 1.88 for some reason)

if there's a way to spoof a version 1.9 demo with absolutely no other data in it, it might be possible to skip, but i wouldn't know how to do anything like that. creating a demo where i manage to quit during the wipe transition just resulted in two wipe transitions still playing in place of the demo, so that doesn't work either

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3 hours ago, Doom Marine said:

Example: If I wanted to prevent MAP11's demo from playing at the Doom2 titlescreen, what can be done?

Record a demo at a different level and use that instead.

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Include marker lumps named DEMO1, DEMO2 and DEMO3, and limit removing ports will stay at the title screen without playing a demo. You can look at most Ribbiks wads to see an example of this.

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