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How to Run Doombuilder 2 on Windows 10

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I have problems running Doombuilder 2 on Windows 10 because of the Direct X update that I did on my new laptop, the problem is the program is not working at all, so I wanna find a solution to that problem, should I use a new program or try and run Doombuilder 2.

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If one experiences problems with DB2 I usually recommend to run the installer

from the Doombuilder website. This will install all programs required, such as

the editor itself and DirectX 9 and SlimDX.


Install the editor in a dedicated folder, but not in Program Files.

Then it is easy to update to DBX or GZDB-BF.



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I know this isn't exactly helping your problem, but Doom Builder 2 is pretty outdated, to the point Win10 might be confusing it.


Is there a reason you haven't moved on to Doom Builder X (a continuation of Doom Builder 2) or GZDoom Builder Bugfix?

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Did you run the installer as I suggested in your other post?


I also linked to the github pages for DBX and GZDB-BF, did you read 

their installation requirements?


Else give more information as to how you installed the editor.

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I installed DBX as normal, then the program told me to update Direct X9, so I installed it, then the program showed me the same massage, and then I clicked yes, and then it shut down all the sudden.

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