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GZDoom Resolution Scale in a Window? *Resolved*

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Okay, after fecking with my GZD opengl mode a bit trying to make it look like software, I have this!


Yes that is in 640x400

But in a window that is 1792x1008

Looks like this on my monitor:


What I want to do is make it 711x400 so it fills out the full width of the 16:9 window

But I can only use these presets


I can choose "custom" on resolution scale, but I don't know where to tell GZD what I want my custom resolution to be.

It isn't down there where it says Custom Resolution Mode because that resizes the window...

Anyone have an idea to help with this?


EDIT: Thanks to @Redxone I have the answer I was looking for, a simple console command:


vid_setscale <width> <height>

With it my software mode emulation is complete.  If your interested in using some of these settings yourself check out @Woolie Wool's comment about it here:



And enjoy a few shots of my finalized settings.  I settled for 1066x600 since I originally played PC Doom in 800x600.








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You need to set the custom resolution to the desired numbers not the window size.  I typically use 854x400 in full screen.  However this will give a square pixel letterbox image on my monitor to which you need to set vid_scale_customstretched 1, in order for a correct aspect ratio.  Alt-Entering to a window should keep the window filled.  The settings you have now are setting a 4:3 resolution to 16:9, hence the compression in your second image.  Make sure to set resolution scale back to custom as using the 320x200 or 640x400 presets will always force a 4:3 image.  You could also use 426x240 or 854x480 and that will keep the square pixel menus as GZDoom does by default.  If that's important to you.  If it still doesn't display correctly check the settings on you graphics card or monitor as they could be forcing a certain ratio too.  Hope that helps


Edit: Also if you use 426x200, 854x400 or some mutiple, etc. be sure to set HUD preserves aspect ratio to "off", as the cvar mentioned above will do the correction by itself

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