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BrainSpit Dehacked in Vanilla


Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to get BrainSpit (the action which fires demon spawn cubes) to work as an attack for other monsters in vanilla (specifically chocolate doom). When using other ports like pr/glboom+ in -complevel 2, it works perfectly (although in one use case in gzdoom, the monster in question started "spawning" ghost clips on the ground), but chocolate doom crashes to desktop without an error as soon as BrainSpit gets called. I've tried only using frame 786 (the frame the demon spawner uses BrainSpit on) and even copying the monster over to the demon spawner's thing slot, but no luck.


I'm just not sure why this (kinda) works in other ports but not chocolate doom, unless this is some highly obscure, unfortunate bug that I'm unaware of.

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Nevermind I figured it out!!! After more testing, I've found that it has to do with BrainAwake being called beforehand, and upon searching for BrainAwake in the source code, I instead saw this link that explained why this happens (scroll way down to near the bottom): BrainAwake doesn't just play BOSSIT, it also initializes the spawn target list, but Whacked for whatever insane reason fails to mention that crucial part in the tooltip for the action. Mildly strange that other ports don't need this, but I guess that makes sense, as having to call BrainAwake for such a simple task is really more of a nuisance than anything. I'll probably post this to the "things you just found out about doom" thread now.


thank you for reading friends c:

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Basically, the Doom Wikia is a crappier and more ad-filled version of doomwiki, but it still shows up ahead of Doomwiki on google search cause it's a Wikia. Consistently using Doomwiki instead might alleviate that.

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