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Restaurant owner slips on a puddle of water trying to clear a rat infestation and falls into a portal leading to a military installation full of monsters

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christmas is saved! 

pleasant five minute map, perfect for a coffee break. at first, i thought the level was playing a little too safe with its combat until the red key where i wasted all my ammo after dying five times and found myself against the revived hoard. i really like the outdoor areas, and the sky, and really just your style in general. solid 1994 pwad!


-also, i'd like to believe the protagonist is the owner of the restaurant in ICARUS MAP11

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What a cute little map! It feels like something from 1996-97, perhaps a lost entry in Malcolm Sailor's CHORD series. The texturing is '90s slapdash but still thoughtful about color and contrasts. It is very short, and only took me about ten minutes including several deaths and reloads. It is hard for a '90s style map, and like CHORD, loves to box you in close quarters with revenants or hell knights. Ammo is scarce, requiring you to count every shell, and health is scarcer. The stakes steadily ratchet up as you progress, culminating in a deadly pincer where a genuine horde of imps, revenants, and pain elementals drive you back the way you came...where an archvile is waiting along with several resurrected monsters. I just killed the archvile and dashed for the exit; only Tyson fans who find the secret berserk and know how to use it properly will be able to get 100% kills.


Architecture? Who cares. I was too busy getting bony fists rammed up my asshole to care about the detail or lack of it. It was a good quick fight and makes me eager to see what sort of levels you might make on a larger scale.

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thank you for replys all glad u liked the level


1 hour ago, Woolie Wool said:

eager to see what sort of levels you might make on a larger scale. 



if u want to see my bigger levels, here are two largest maps i made (medium/long length)


https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/101744-alienation-beta/ 2 level WAD map02 is the biggest


https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/100986-base-instincts-custom-boss/ also 2 levels map01 is the normal level map02 is just a boss


thanks again for indepth reply!!! i didnt know how well the last fight would play in most runs (every time i played the archvile would get stuck in a corner) happy to hear u enjoyed it :)




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Good map, though I found the resources to be a little too tight (I usually make sure to kill everything before exiting, mind you). I was fortunate to have stumbled upon the hidden berserk pack when I did.  

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Love the title, which made me download and play this.


The punishing gameplay is not really my cup of tea, however (although I can see how others would enjoy it).


Like @Ajora, I found supplies to be overly tight, even having found three out of the four secrets (the one I missed being the ammo backback, which I guess would have helped a bit -- but I believe that finding secrets should never be mandatory in order to complete a map). The inclusion of both an Archvile and several Pain Elementals means that it's fairly easy to run out of ammo entirely, while monsters keep spawning. Completing a Doom map for me also means killing everything, which in this case took several saves and reloads and meant having to punch several monsters to death so as to conserve the very precious ammo. Again, not sure that would have been possible at all without having found the berserk pack.


To be fair, I'm not a skilled player and I'm sure many players love exactly this kind of challenge, but to me it's exhausting and feels unbalanced.


Any plans to implement to implement difficulty settings?



Other than that, the map is charming -- although the first outside area the player sees, with the large slabs of uniform brown and the three grey blocks in the distance, looks unfinished. Here, a bit more detailing/texture variation/some more organic shapes and fewer straight lines (not necessarily anything too fancy; just bringing it at least up to the detail level of the second outside area) could vastly improve the visuals and atmosphere of the map.


Two odd things I noticed; not sure if intentional:

  • The berserk pack seems to count as two secrets.
  • Because of the way the super shotgun secret is set up, in the starting area the player sometimes gets bombarded by fireballs from imps hidden behind the fake wall -- so you're essentially attacked by invisible monsters at the very start of the map. This feels unfair.










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