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How do i make custom level names


Like for example next up blah blah and then when you go on the minimap it says map03 or whatever and then the name how do i do that?





Edited by Hiiammike : The question was solved.

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3 minutes ago, Hiiammike said:

Why not?

Because it is outdated and cannot be combined with features from the current format, such as intermissions.


1 minute ago, guitardz said:

This is the only format I've seen.  There's a newer better one @Nevander?

Where do people keep finding the old format!? It is slowly driving me insane! The proper format is right on the wiki page.



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6 minutes ago, Nevander said:

No! Do not use the old format for MAPINFO!

Well it works so i don't know what you're talking about?

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