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Sacrament(Sacrment.wad) & the yellow skull hunt question

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In sacrment.wad MAP02 - Doxylamine Moon, the large city map with no automap available(yes it's one of those types of levels where all the automap lines are invisible...), it's generally empty except a few spectres but the monster count is 23. You have to find the blue key card in an open spot to get to the exit, but there are 2 doors that need a red key(it's inside one of the red door buildings, use the back entrance). The red key enters a museum with a section that slides open paintings to reveal empty alcoves. There are 6 yellow skulls hidden around the city, collecting them and returning to each alcove sets the skull into them, doing all 6 opens a passage behind a false wall leading to a switch, and the big 3D layered painting acts as a teleport to a parking lot on the other side of the map.


This spawns the remaining monsters as well as a few weapons and ammo pickups. Is that all this key hunt secret does or is there something else involved? Unfortunately I have found little info on this WAD in my searching and no mention of this skull puzzle at all.

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It's all that the hunt offers as you said. Just an optional "quest" to explore the map a bit more...I think I'll revisit that mapset soon...

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