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How to create 'levitating' map

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How to create "levitating" map


  1. Open GZDoom Bulider1.png.18516bd5caedce6711dd7e6a1df1658f.png
  2. Create new map2.png.9b4a8b8d843e72524a63457219dd6c57.png
  3. Create "inner" map3.png.636df518a689c321ef8d2c87368f733c.png
  4. Create border:4.png.51e7fc64f38d24b726d44d6e5bdfc1db.png
  5. Set border to "Not shown on automap": 5.png.d676844557fc8daef1cb0b666ed89d47.png
  6. Set both ceilings to F_SKY16.png.a2052e9b279eeb1aadc2d20693ecbb93.png
  7. Set border height to 07.png.d925281c71aa5a5f9ecefb57556cc337.png





WARNING: Use only with OpenGL renderer - if used with Software renderer (with other sectors) it would look like this:Screenshot_Doom_20181227_140829.png.3e9f0c1be541d373b284493e71d09d68.png

Instead of this:


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