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Not as cool as Tré Cool

What is wrong with this line? (DECORATE SHIT)

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Hey, listen, I'm just a guy who's learning how to make mods n' shit, yadda yadda yadda, and I wanted this one custom monster from Realm667 to replace the Former Human but the first line in the decorate is somehow wrong because when I start with the mod it has an error saying something wrong with it.

Here's the line:
ACTOR NailBorg 27800 replaces Zombieman

Here's the error message:
Script error, "Terminator.wad:DECORATE" line 1:
Expected '{' but got identifier 'replaces' instead.

I need to fix this, someone, please help me.

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The editor number should be the last thing on the line:

ACTOR NailBorg replaces Zombieman 27800

When the parser reaches the number, it assumes the declaration is over and expects the definition to start, which is why it says it expected an opening brace.

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