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Does anybody here play APB?

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I know it's a terrible game, but it's like my crack, I'll be with it until it dies. So I was wondering if anyone here might play it and if so, looking for someone else to play with? I'd ask on the actual forums and I have done in the past....so I'm asking here.

I have both a criminal and a hardly ever played enforcer. Just asking cus me and a friend play from time to time, but the two of us seems a bit lonely. We're not interesting in clans, not on it enough and too many arbitrary rules in them.

I'm not great at the game or anything, but would like to get somewhere in it.


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I still remember the fond moments of me and my friends that we had while playing the game. Getting my first car was really an experience.

Sadly, I would say that majority of people nowdays either quit or moved onto GTA Online.

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Yeah the population is quite low these days. I used to play GTA online but I cannot stand that grind....oh no, I'll be dead one day and I'd rather spend it having fun. Plus, the rewards for everything is pretty boring...it's something with rockets again. I used to like the experience, but I'm not one of the majority unfortunately, who likes high corporate tech and military machines. I like the old days when we got lowrider DLC....

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