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Most creative Cyberdemon encounter?

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I like when Cyberdemons stay passive because of an invisible wall until you grab a key or hit a switch. In this map (The beesong by Death-destiny) , the monsters are instantly teleported to the end of the cave once you grab the yellow key and a new group with the same monsters brutally appears  in front of you.


Also , the last fight of Tangerine Nightmare Map 10 forces you to survive in a fight involving two cyberdemons and a lot of pain elementals. The fight is really hard and requires a lot of luck because you just have a RL and a SSG. However , the cyberdemons were very epicly used . (Skip to 16:30)



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I dunno too hard. At the moment the final fight of Magnolia map03 because of that wad's turret mechanic and introduction of the 1000 hp wanna-be cybs.

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