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laurel suite

Elder Scrolls Like Wads

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Does anyone happen to know if there is an Elder Scrolls like wad with medieval type textures, monsters, and weapons? I've been trying to find this out for a while because I've been wanting to create something similar to how the Elder Scrolls is played.

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You're not going to get open-world action RPG gameplay in any Doom mod because Doom isn't geared for open-world action RPG gameplay. Strife is probably the closest you can get, though it's not really medieval.

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It's very doable in theory if you pushed GZDoom to its limits, it would take a ton of work though. Just don't expect there to be one gigantic map, expect it to be split up into a bunch of maps in a hub like a way larger-scale Strife. But that style of gameplay should be possible in ZScript and ACS.


Obviously such a project hasn't been done yet.

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Nash is working on something that is kinda elderscrolly, though with a modern setting, so more of a (Bethesdan) Fallout I guess.


Of course, something that would be "like an Elder Scrolls game is played" would mean that, IMO:

  • There is a main quest, but you completely ignore it and instead do whatever random exploring you feel like, taking on random sidequests as you go.
  • Your only real objective is getting enough money for buying a house so you can store your loot.
  • Gameplay is 25% combat, 25% exploration, 25% making potions for fun and profit, and 25% dressing up your character with whatever looted armor and clothing looks the coolest.
  • There are several thousand mods waiting for you on the Nexus, and 90% of them are anime followers with huge tits.


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