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Game dll support on Doom 3 BFG

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As the title says Classic RBDoom 3 BFG now supports game dll (beta).

Of course you have to compile this port's source code to make this dll (OG DOOM 3 dlls are incompatible)

Also these are my notes for other modders


As it seems the BFG executable MUST have the same headers as the dll

Otherwise weird bugs will occur

If you want to add new stuff like new classes either put them inside the cpp files or make new headers THAT ARE NOT INCLUDED ON GAME_LOCAL HEADER

B. The autosave seems to crash the game sometimes when loading the second level

But at least you can load the save file later and start from the second level

C. Play it on 60 FPS

The dll has it's own framerate and I haven't yet linked it with the cvar

Aside from these two notes everything else work as intended



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