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Problems with formatting


ok, so basically, I formatted my wad in "ZDoom (Doom in Doom format)", and I wan't to add a script to a linedef. But I can't because the option is not there, and when I change the format, it just corrupts the entire wad. I guess my question is what format do I need to get the script options to pop up?

("Doom in Doom format.PNG" is what I currently see, while "example.PNG" is where I want to get to.)

Doom in Doom format.PNG


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Have you tried setting the linedef action to action 80? Your screenshot doesn't show if you tried that step.


I presume ZDoom (Doom in Doom format) supports direct script assignment, but you might have better luck with UDMF.

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Converting from Doom format to a more recent map format can be done easily with GZDoom Builder or GZDoom Builder - Bugfix in a few steps


Take, for example, this pwad in Doom format



Use F2 and select GZDoom Doom2 (Doom format) and OK



Use F2 again and select GZDoom Doom2 (UDMF) and OK

this message pops up


click on Yes


The map is now in Doom2 UDMFormat




line specials are not translated to the new advanced format.

You have to go through the map and check each linedef special to see that it is correct.




So, to eliminate the manual drudgery of converting the linedef specials one at a time, the first step in converting Doom format pwads to (G)ZDoom format should be to run them through zwadconv.exe first and then convert further with GZDBBF.



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