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(FIXED) Vanilla crashes due to custom assets for the 943,593rd time

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Okay, so I would like to use these custom textures in vanilla Doom2:



Trying to run this in doom2.exe causes it to hang at Init Playloop State. There was an FF_END lump which I renamed to F_END, however it's still being an uncooperative little jerk so I attempted to run it in Chocolate Doom (since doom2.exe just hangs and tells you jack squat). Chocolate Doom crashes to R_TextureNumForName: SW1SKIN not found. So I add a random patch into the wad, rename it SW1SKIN, add it to patch names and texture names, then Chocolate Doom crashes with yet another R_TextureNumForName.


Is there a faster way to find out what junk is missing than painstakingly running it in chocolate doom 9999 times until I've found every missing... Patch, I think, that it wants? Surely there must be a faster way?


EDIT: I fixed this and am a big dumb, please ignore!

Edited by Doomkid

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