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College radio

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So I signed up to help out with the radio station my school is planning to start up. And they took me. Once the station actually gets running*, I'll be trusted with the playlist and the content for a few timeslots every week.

A radio station. Me. These poor, poor, innocent bastards. ;)

So I know what I'll be inundating my uni's airwaves (badnwidth, actually) with: punk, punk, and more punk, the more obscure the better. :)

The question is, if you were put in charge of a radio station for a few hours, what kind of program would you put together? It could be anything, not just music. Hell, some people are talking about making a call-in talk show in Arabic.

* After we get all the requisite permits and sort out the .07-cents-per-listener-per-song royalty dogshit sorted out, of course.

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Heh. Add some Bobby Prince to the play list once in a while.

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It would be either an improv comedy talk show, funny/halarious music, or both. The talk shows would be like Whose Line's weird newscasters, but rather a half-hour discussing various made-up issues such as how to stop stuffed animals from climbing the walls and getting burned by light bulbs, the first two wen to cliwb Mt. Everest in jock shorts, and how to cope with the decline in teenage smoking.

If only I could find out the name of that big band Sinatra-style song about a guy telling Santa to get off his roof or he'll blow his candy ___ away.

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For punk I recommend Dead Kennedys, the Chuckleheads, and Samhain. I don't know how big the Chuckleheads are or how hard it may be to find their music. I saw them at a local punk show and bought a CD which was a CD-R. It's hilarious stuff though: Older, Wiser, Poorer album - Sheep Song, Potman, Don't Touch Me There (You're Not My Daddy) to name a few songs.

There's a local band called DUI (Dirty Urines Incorporated). Their webpage on geocities seems to have disappeared but I have wavs of two songs from it. I heard a band, I think a punk band called Sliver, did a song called "It's a horrible night to have a curse" about Castlevania 2.

Non-punk stuff:

I think this would be an odd combination of songs to play in this exact order:
1. Southern man by Neil Young
2. Sweet Home Alabama by Lennerd Skynnerd (spelling?)(they've done some good stuff but I do NOT care for this song or their confederate flag crap)
3. Play It All Night Long by Warren Zeavon (poor guy isn't doing too good)

Each one of those makes a reference to one song before (Skynerd's rebuke to Southern man is pretty stupid).

Some crack: Existential Blues by Tom "T-Bone" Stankus.

The Doors has some really strange lyrics aside from just being awesome.

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Music programmes would be music programmes, and only that:

Music and info about the music.

Music programmes should be specialized in a genre. So heavy-freaks could open up for the "Heavy Hour" without having to put up with techno, while hip-hoppers could open up for the "Illest Set" without the risk of being pummeled by dance.

Discussion programmes would be discussion programmes, perhaps an intro tune would be allowed, but otherwise, no.

I would only do news programmes if I had any reliable news sources.

None of this "party radio" gheyness that most stations pummel us with nowadays.

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Gokuma said:

Lennerd Skynnerd (spelling?)(they've done some good stuff but I do NOT care for this song or their confederate flag crap)

Heh. A good song though.

I'd randomly call a few people and tell them they've won a $1000 and then send them to a Burger King or something. And then play some good old Metal and Industrial.

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throw in some dave brockie experience, diarrhea of a madman. especially tracks 12, 15, 16, & 18. I think people would think very highly of your station.

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Heh, yeah, through some Doom tracks in there, from the Doom Depot, or some Rammstein, Korn, Cake, Godsmack, shit like that.

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Linguica said:

"Internet radio" is not radio.

They're trying to score an AM frequency as well. Keyword: "trying".

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