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A question about Heretic's firemace weapon

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We all know how heretic's firemace works in powered mode (tomb of power mode). It fires big metal balls which can 1-shot-kill anything below an IronLich, dealing them 10000 damage and killing them.


Now there is something that has really been bugging me. I recall in my childhood that powered firemace could even 1-shot IronLiches. That version of heretic definitely was not 1.3, because it didn't have E4 and E5. That was most probably registered 1.0 version. However recently when I tried to research about the differences between 1.0 and 1.3, there is no mention this change anywhere to be found.


I may be recalling wrong but its something i can almost bet on. I suppose the only way to confirm is for someone to try the 1.0 version of heretic which is only possible to obtain via downgrading (all purchasable versions are 1.3). If only someone can confirm this.

Edited by ReaperAA : My mistakes

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Edit: I meant 1.3 instead of 1.2 in the OP.


Also, I am a bit lazy to try this right now(I may try if no one provides an answer by tomorrow-ish). I don't have heretic.exe and dosbox installed in my PC right now.

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1 hour ago, ASD said:

In older version, Iron Lich can be killed with 1 shot of the tomed mace.


Yes. I just tested it now myself and this is the case. Someone needs to document this.

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21 minutes ago, ReaperAA said:

Someone needs to document this.

Done.  I also checked v1.2 wondering if it was something they changed for Shadow of the Serpent Riders so that you couldn't do this on E4M8, but it was already changed in that version.

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