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Fear Factor (Single-map for Doom 2)

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Hello everyone, do you want to experience a small challenge? Well, you came to the address - Fear Factor, a simple wad, which is a parody of Triсks and Traps from Doom 2. This wad was also an alteration of my old work, which was never released and therefore I decided to remake it. In this map there are a lot of traps, dishonest moments and ect.

Have fun!


IWAD: Doom 2.

Port: Boom.

Bugs: None.

(Full info you can find in "readme.txt")









Download (New version): https://www.dropbox.com/s/80m6f8shg0fpxfq/FearFactor.7z?dl=0


P.S: I included in this wad:

- Smooth weapons

- New pallete

- New sounds


Edited by MAN_WITH_GUN

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Ha that damn mancubus surprised me in the 3rd area lol. Its great to see something in the similar vein of Tricks and Traps.

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7 hours ago, Beezle said:

Ha that damn mancubus surprised me in the 3rd area lol. Its great to see something in the similar vein of Tricks and Traps.


Lol, you can survive in this trap only if you already know that :D

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- Fixed some bugs on map like montrers stucks, missed impossible lines and ect.

- Fixed balance on map if you play without secrets, but wants 100% kills.


The link is same, good luck.

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I tested it on UV and I have to say that this is a really great map.


The overall aesthetic is wonderfully done: there's a great use of vanilla texture and everything is full of detail, from walls, to floors, to ceilings.

What's really impressive is that everything works; it's hard to fit the right texture in certain space, architecture etc. and make it work with other textures, but everything looks precisely set like a puzzle.

I wish I had the patience and the eye to make this kind of maps x)

Probably helped by the palette too to make it all look more dense and "vibrant".

You did a very good job with lighting too, every room has it's "proper" light level and it was really a nice visual experience to play this map.
Not to mention that you built entire buildings just for the scenario the player can see through a window, and not just some big squared box here and there, but properly made buildings!

Only 2 minor things:

  • It's a bit weird to see this texture shadowed, since there's a torch/lamp drawn on it. 



  • The same goes for the this one. To me it feels not right to see a grate not used as a grate, but probably it's just personal taste cause it can be interpretate in several ways. What really can be considered "wrong" is the use for this texture also as a teleporter. Definetely not saying you must use the usual teleport texture, but use the same exact texture, with no change whatsoever, for teleport and that, is a bit off.




About the gameplay instead:

It's surely a hard map, but I found it well balanced and entertaining.

At the very start I was thinking "oh god, not a only pistol/fist wad please", but you give the player enough bullets to deal, with no issue at all, with the imps and demons.
The first secret it's quite generous and the fact that you don't give any green armor to the player (only in that secret) it's a -1 for me, cause going through the next parts of the map with no armor it's not very cool.
I'd change the pickups in this way: 

  • I'd move the green armor to the second room, maybe over the computer on the right, instead that behind a hidden door inside a secret area (I couldn't even find it during my playthrough cause the door it's unnoticeable), cause giving the player a green armor for that "digging" is not really fair.
  • Inside that I'd put the supershotgun instead (I'd make the wall a bit more noticeable also) and leave only the chaingun in the secret room.

The traps are mean, but doable, you can definitely surpass every trap here at first attempt (if you pay enough attention and not like me that I panicked when I saw dozens of hellknights and a mancubus blocking the way, and ended up being blown across the land by a hidden archvile and landed on top of dozens of barons).
Maybe a bit too RNGed though.

Maybe the hidden archviles are a bit too much(?), cause they're hard to get and when you've dealt with everything except the cyberdemon, it becomes a "guess where's the archy" shooting rockets on the walls (not too funny).
The only thing I totally disliked was the 1st platforming: I suck at platforming and I profoundly hate when it is mandatory to progress in the map. I definitely not able to make that raising zig zag pattern and after the first death in the lava (after several failed attempt) I had to noclip.
I would bring all of the pillar a bit down, like the second platforming area, so that even incompetent like me can do it without swearing to god too much (but maybe this is exclusive my opinion, I don't know what's the average skill level for this kind of stuff in the community).

All the encounters are enjoyable and often challenging, in a good way (not understood very much the 3 barons in the red key pit though), you made a wonderful use of monster teleportation throughout the map (even if I'd suggest you to improve the teleportation lines system to something more efficient cause some monster takes a lot of time to teleport) and I never felt bored throughout the map.
I haven't really understood the double exit either, but whatever.

Really a great wad, I'd love to see an entire episode like this

EDIT: Unfortunately I didn't like too much the sound replacement for monsters and player, sounded like it's a bit too high pitched or something

Edited by Kan3

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26 minutes ago, Clippy said:

Glad it wasn't just me who had to cheat on that platforming 😄

I've just finished to watch your video ahahah fellow anti-platform comrade

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38 minutes ago, Kan3 said:

I've just finished to watch your video ahahah fellow anti-platform comrade


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@Clippy and @Kan3, thanks a alot for playing this map, still up to play it even if it was made a heck of while ago.

I know not every person like platforming in doom maps especially if you're not good in that, but i did it anyway and made it not too punishing tho, just to see what people will say about it.

@Clippy I'll gladly take "you are mean" as a compliment since i like making hard maps :v

@Kan3 Almost everything you said was right and holy shit that was a long-ass feedback, really detailed (maybe as this map was lol) thanks a lot man :D

Just want to clarify some questions of yours:

1) This generous secret didn't really changed from original map back in 2013.

2) Most of traps that mean because they're depends on difficulty you playing, i'm against the stereotype of "UV is common difficulty for all wads", for me it usually "hard mode" of some wad.

3) 3 barons planned as blocking mosters just if you decided to skip the fight with caco's, not really worked well i know :[

4) 2 exits, one of them are death one, simple.

5) I personally liked smooth weapons and clean doom sounds but after other feedbacks i decided to leave it only for this map since not only you didn't really appreciate that.

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