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Played the map! It was ok. The gameplay was very compact. The hallways could be a bit crowded, and a bit too slim for my liking, but I didn't have a bad time. I like the interconnected design, it took me a while to figure out how to get the yellow key though (turns out all I had to do was get up close and personal with a not-so friendly cyber demon). Fun stuff.

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This map was good, but nothing special. While I really like the compact design of the level, its pretty nonlinear. But in my opinion I think that in this case it works against the compact design. Also kinda difficult. I started on Hurt Me Plenty and it was more centered towards nightmare. Overall this map was fun. Nice compact design and some good detail too. I liked it. Oh and you can also completely cheese the cybie if you want.



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Here's a tip: When using Dropbox change dl=0 to 1 so the link will give a direct download, which is more convenient.

Nice map! The fights were pretty intense. The cute little details compensate the maps lack of height variation, and the green sky is an interesting choice.

HMP demo: sacmun.zip 


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