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Zandronum won't connect to Doom directory

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I'm trying to use Doomseeker to play with my friends but every time I try to use the Zandronum port, it puts me through the initial download setup asking me to point us to my Doom directory. So I connect it to the folder where my Doom/Doom 2/Final Doom files are kept but once I click okay, it just loops me back to "point us to your Doom directory". I own the Doom Collector's Edition CD and installed it on my old computer but my new one doesn't have a CD drive so I just moved all my Doom files from one hard drive to the other, since then it's been giving me trouble. I can play fine on my own with ZDoomLoader but now I'm stuck trying to play multiplayer, any one have ideas or can point me in the right direction? Or should I just buy the game again on Steam?

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If you have the files you don’t need to worry about re buying it. My suggestion is to reinstall Doomseeker, it sounds like it’s confused for whatever reason. If that still doesn’t work maybe try Doom Explorer, I’ve always had better luck with it

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