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Dumb question about mods

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So, you know there's ZBloody Hell, which is a total conversion of Blood, a Build Engine game, for modern source ports of the Doom Engine.


How come there isn't one for other Build Engine games, like Duke Nukem 3D? Or Shadow Warrior?


I probably sound like an idiot for asking this question, and maybe there's something I don't understand.

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11 hours ago, R4L said:

Because no one has made it yet??


Why don't you make one?


My mapping skills are terrible, that's why.


Also, I found this in the comments of the Duke video you gave me:



this isn't really a new Doom mod. it's just 2 different Duke mods, old ones in fact. DukeGP is a 1 level mod that replaces Doom II's 1st level with an attempt of Hollywood Holocaust, along with some poor Duke style enemies and so on. then you got the gameplay mod where it brings Duke weapons & enemies, as well as items and stuff into Doom. and it to is also old. cause pigcops replace imps. shotgun & pipebombs are swapped. and you can blow up the pipebombs from the solo ones to the box


I'm starting to have a feeling that it may be impossible somehow (even with modern source ports) to recreate Duke3D.

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I think it would be totally doable in GZDoom or even Zandronum, but it would take a lot of work. Maybe nobody thinks it is worth the trouble.

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I'd imagine people would rather put that energy into an original TC instead of basically making an inferior version of the original product.


I never saw the point of ZBlood, tbh. Why not just... play Blood? 

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