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Creating a Project Brutal Doom level


Project Brutality/Brutal Doom.


Love or hate it, I was going to make a level that utilizes Brutal Doom.  But I want to add in custom monsters and stuff from the mod.  What is the best way to do this with GZDoomBuilder?  Since it doesn't load from PK3's, do I need to unpack it all and add everything as a resource?  Or can I just add in the ID's (and when brutal loads, it reconizes those IDs).  If someone who isn't using the mod it will just give you a ? symbol.


Second question, anyone have experience adding in new monsters for Brutal Doom?  I was going to make some new demon variants (from old monsters) and change their colors and stats.  Is it as simple as duplicating a Imp and changing the necessary data?


Is there anyone who is good with Adobe Photoshop?


I know this is a big question to ask.



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Does BD even have totally new monsters? I thought it was existing monsters replaced. Nevertheless, I would suggest making your map with the mod in mind, and adding BD as an autoloaded file when testing the map instead of adding it as a resource within the editor.


Simplest way to add new things to an already existing mod is to create your own mod which inherits from and replaces what the mod itself inherits and replaces. Use RandomSpawners to replace these which either spawn the original variants or your own.


Such as:


ACTOR BrutalDoomImp : DoomImp REPLACES DoomImp {}


Then in your mod:


ACTOR NewImp1 : BrutalDoomImp {}

ACTOR NewImp2 : BrutalDoomImp {}

ACTOR ImpSpawner : RandomSpawner REPLACES BrutalDoomImp {}


Obviously you need the rest of the code inside the brackets and any new sprites but this is your end goal.

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I created a BD v20b 9 map wad called operation uac and I added all new monsters via Slade. The rest were already existing in BD and I utilised BDs existing non placeable (can't drop and drag in editor) monsters via spawn scripts using the ids Sgt Mark created.


You can have a look in my wad which is found in moddb. Be aware, I organised Slade's resources pretty poorly.

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