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Mappers' first world problems

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7 hours ago, silentzorah said:

Sitting down for the first time in months to finally finish that map that's been sitting on your hard drive since about four years ago, opening up the map in Doom Builder, drawing one sector, and thinking, "I really don't feel like doing this right now."

Or worse, staring at it for few minutes before realizing: "I have no idea what I was doing with this map."

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-accidentally setting a linedef to move a floor instead of a ceiling, then wondering why my traps won't open

-see something epically cool in a map, want to try to sorta reproduce it and it falls extremely flat

-placing dynamic lights one on top of the other is actual torture

-losing track of tags

-realize a sector with void areas attached is a millimeter off center and can't easily move it

-balancing. dear. god.

-set a decoration to only show up at a certain skill cuz you placed it in the middle of your monster/health/balancing placement

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On 1/8/2019 at 1:17 AM, Tango said:


the worst :( I playtest for like 5 minutes to finally arrive at the new area and find it doesn't even work right because of this. every time it happens I think, "I should really start playtesting new areas by moving the player start and running through with nomonsters first" but then I never actually do heeeh

huh, I should totally start doing that

but I probably won't :p

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11 minutes ago, Major Arlene said:

huh, I should totally start doing that

but I probably won't :p

If you value your time you should definitely do this. Just move player start, launch map, IDKFA, count ammo/health/armour after testing the area, place items accordingly, give it a checkmark, move on... Repeat for next section.

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On 1/12/2019 at 9:44 AM, bonnie said:

...because I can't actually bring myself to delete the area and start over.

one of the best bits of advice my dad ever gave me was “whatever you have, dont fall in love with it.” youve got to be willing to let go if/when the time comes. 

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