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Koko Ricky

Amusing observation about keyboard/mouse vs. controller

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Initially, I played Doom '16 on my brother-in-law's PS4, owing to my lack of a PS4 and a slow PC. Now that I have a fast PC, I'm running Doom on it for the first time, and noticed that I've leveled up on multiplayer far faster than I did on the PS4. Not a surprise, considering how well-suited keyboard/mouse is for FPS...but it was interesting that my enjoyment of the experience was about the same. Why would this be, if it's far less satisfying to play using a controller? I suppose it can be chalked up to good game design.

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For me, it's harder to sit back and relax with a keyboard and WASD cramps my wrist. Eventually I started playing with a mouse (with a lap board) and key-mapped D-pad side of a controller. Now I found a FPS controller and a mouse.



It kind of brings the best of both worlds. It's not easy to infinitely circle strafe as you can with a controller, but upping my mouse sensitivity got it good enough.

I suspect for those who have gaming as their primary passion, it is mouse and keyboard till death. But after coming home late for work, I want the experience to be very relaxing so I understand and enjoy a controller as well.

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I always suck on controller. It's totally not for me :( First game when I started to use mouse instead keyboard only was Alien vs Predator - on keyboard you just can't  kill fast alien on ceiling. Oh, and there was no save game option that time :D But, hey, anybody plays what he likes.

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I typically hate playing FPS’s on a controller but DOOM 2016 is so fun that I don’t seem to mind it.


Also, setting the sensitivity of a controller in most FPS’s seems to be a compromise of spinning around quickly and aiming accurately, but in DOOM, maybe because of the arenas or how random movement is rewarded, I don’t find myself spinning around too much, so I can focus on the sensitivity to help in quick aiming more.


I would prefer mouse and keyboard but I only have it on PS4 (weak PC and can’t afford a new one). I’ve been debating getting a PS4 mouse and keyboard but then would need a monitor and desk to play it on (instead of on my TV while I play on the couch).


Hopefully DOOM Eternal has similar gameplay/movement strategies and controller settings to adjust to your liking.

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