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Officer D

Unreal (1998) - Special map for gameplay mod

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Posted (edited)

Happy New Year! As a little gift I have decided to release the current version of the map I have been working on for a few months now. So without further ado...

Here is the first official RLCoop specific map that utilizes RLCoop's mechanics within the map. You will not be able to complete this map without the gameplay mod (RLCoop)















Feel free to report any problems or give your criticism on the map.

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Damn, Unreal mapping would be cool. UT99 was my childhood and played some Unreal 1 but found the actual campaign to be lacking. A custom one would be neat to make. Got any pointers on how to get started?

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I would recommend working with Unreal v.227. It comes with the Unreal Editor 2.1 and has a ton of new features.


For a bare bones beginner I would suggest going through these videos. It is for UT99 and uses the Unreal Editor 2.0 but the basics still apply :



For 227 specific knowledge I would suggest going to the forums :


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11 hours ago, Officer D said:

lol none. Either it's because 2.1 or because I use a 1 only viewport setup.

You monster.


It's a bug that existed well into UEd3.x (UE2 era) though, as evidenced by a gag in this work of genius (at 3:38).



Edited by Dark Pulse

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lol funny! This is a common bug, happening when the viewports are incorrectly saved when UnrealEd closes. So the 1 only viewport setup probably is the solution. I never did understand why people would use 4 small windows to edit their maps, when they can simply switch between perspectives in 1 viewport already.

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