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Moving level/map from one wad to another

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I have 2 wad files.  One is 7 maps 01-07.  Other is map 01-24 and map 31.  I have dck which will allow me take take level 1 from one & add to 2nd one as level 25.  But 3 levels are so huge the exceed DCK's linedef limit.  How can I move level 01 from one wad to level 25 on other to make complete 30 wad WAD file.

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I normally go into XWE and rename it the slot I want it to be in the other wad, then I go into Doom Builder and go File -> Save Map Into and select the destination wad.


There's probably a better way to do that, though.

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If you use Odamex you can change wads while you play wocka wocka wo-- *gets caned*

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You can use SLADE as discussed above, or you can open the 01-07 wad in DB2 or GZDB, then:


open map01

edit the map options to set it to map25

"save map into" the other wad


repeat the above for maps 02-07, remapping to maps 26-30 & 32


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