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If you could only bring 2 custom texture in a wad. .

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The sequel barely any asked for.

Last question was simple: you could only bring one custom texture in a wad, no limitations on its sourceport. The answer varied from ALL_black textures to a waterfall texture (dragonfly suggested a full on giant texture image containing all of otex jesus that counts), but overall, people wanted a sky texture since that alone can affect the most out of the levels themselves.


For the sequel, im now bringing the idea of only 2 custom images representing textures. with that, your more open to the idea of possibly having an idealized minimalist scenario say a "desert" that fits along side the already placed doom base textures, but only enough to stand out from the typical vanilla mods. Now not only you can fill out the sky texture, you also have one empty slot left for your imagination. 


Hell, maybe in a month I'll bring the topic of 3 textures. When you limit your options creativity flows into what's left i suppose..

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