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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #386 - Bloodspeed (Part I)

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Just last week we replayed Whitemare 2, a community project from the Russian Doomers. If you're craving for more this week we play a sort of a spiritual successor also coming (mostly) from the members of the Russian Doom community with the same origins - starting as a compilation of speedmaps.
DMFLAGS: 1174487140 / 806496256 / 0
Skill: Ultra Violence
IWAD: doom2 or freedoom0_10_1
PWADs: bloodspeed_beta2
Maps: 01-15, 31-33
Lives: 1
Players: 25/100
Item Respawn Time: 60 seconds
Player Join Limit: 3 minutes
Date: 3rd January 2019
Euro session: 19:00 GMT/14:00 EST at [L@P], Finland
Get ZDaemon and join in.

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