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Is there any forum or something similar in Brazil?

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Hi, I am a Brazilian player of doom, as usual I always look for players, forums and centers, but I only find dead forums, I wanted to know if anyone here if there is any forum or something, if anyone knows, thanks

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Yeah there was... it all began in BRDoom Forums i can say, it was the equivalent of here but for Brazil only, however staff members had discussions here and there and the community fell apart, nowdays there's nothing left but shatters of what that forum was myself only got the final years of that forum and it wasn't that much active already, most members were also disputing who was the most egocentric in their achievements when it came to maps and mods for the game.

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ZDaemon has a decent proportion of Brazilian players (2nd or 3rd most common nationality overall) and players from Latin America in general.


There doesn't seem to be a dedicated channel on ZD IRC for Brazilians or Portuguese speakers (like there is for some other languages) but if you look at the active servers when it's late afternoon or evening in Brazil you're likely to see some Brazilians and then maybe start an IRC channel yourself if there will be interest.


There's also a ZDaemon Discord server which doesn't have that many active Brazilians AFAIK but it might help you to connect to more of them from there.

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