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New Year! New Map! Hell's Hall (v1.0)

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Download Hell's Hall: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tsag4qdi5tboic7/Hell%27sHall.wad/file


Prepare yourself for a healthy dose of classic Doom action and atmosphere in this challenging new map. A single map for G/ZDoom 2.


What port(s) did you test with? ZDoom and GZDoom


For advanced ports (e.g., GZDoom) does your map/mod expect any of the following:

Freelook? Yes (Though not required)

Jumping/crouching? No

Which IWAD did you use? Doom 2

How much content is there? 1 New Map. Replaces MAP01 of Doom 2.

Roughly how difficult is the gameplay? Map difficulties are not implemented. I personally consider this map to be quite challenging.



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