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[McD] James

A free to download danmaku shooter was just released for the Game Boy

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Runs great on emulators, but you can also upload it to a flash cart and play it on the original hardware if you'd like. I must say, this may very well be the most graphically impressive Game Boy game I've ever seen. Not the tiniest bit of flicker or slowdown. I like this game. It's no DoDonPachi, but pretty good when you consider the hardware limitations.





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Zero Ranger was too brutally hard for me for years. Needlessly hard. I'm happy it found success, but I suppose having a free version for the past 4 - 5 years with Gradius and R-Type ships as bosses helped add to its fame. The limited color art style helps too. You can tell what's ship, bullet and background.


As for the GameBoy shmup, it's always a feat to see that many bullets on the GameBoy... until you realize it's just a background thing. Instead of sprites, they're background tiles. That's the little cheat that makes anything possible. As for playing the game... nope. Doesn't look like my type of shmup.

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