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Doom 2 Pre-Release Question

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Don't think it really needed a thread here but anyway, I was just wondering about some weapons and enemies seen in pre-release screenshots of Doom 2, such as the SSG, Arachnotron, and Revenant, has anyone managed to recreate any of those?





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Lol it looks like they just put two barrels into regular shotgun via Paint to make it "double-barrelled" shotgun

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15 minutes ago, dmslr said:

Lol it looks like they just put two barrels into regular shotgun via Paint to make it "double-barrelled" shotgun


I know, it was pretty ridiculous in its early stages. 

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From The Inmost Dens screenshot, it looks evident that the full Super Shotgun sprite set had been nearly completed by that point. However, it simply hadn't been properly imported into the IWAD by then. It's possible to almost identically replicate the scene using the Doom 1.5 executable with Doom 2's IWAD loaded, minus the early Revenant sprites (mostly just unrefined from their raw camera captures) and the SSG itself which actually isn't placed in the final MAP14. It's possible the Shotgun placed to the left of the spawn point was a Super Shotgun at the time.


To replicate the scene, duplicate the SHTG frames, rename them to SHT2, and then copy the final SSG SHT2I0 and SHT2J0 muzzle flash frames, renaming them to SHTGE0 and SHTGF0, respectively. Run that in the 1.5 executable, and this is what you get:


Another oddity I see now after reviewing this clip is that the beta screenshot seems to correctly display SKY2 in MAP14. However, the game apparently doesn't have the code yet to correctly change the sky texture based on the current Doom 2 episode (as we have plenty of beta Doom 2 screenshots still showing KDITD's SKY1 in every episode). I believe we can surmise that RSKY2 was originally RSKY1 at this point in development.


Recreating this SSG behavior in a DeHackEd patch and a small PWAD for the final game would be trivial as well, but you'd have to match the longer frame durations of the beta executable, and I'm too lazy to calculate those.

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