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Doom Marine

Editing PNAMES in SLADE then Saving causes PNAMES to be "Unknown Type"

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Deleting a row in PNAMES is not a good idea, given how PNAMES work, because you've just corrupted all the textures that use patches that come after the one you've removed. It's likely your TEXTURE1 lump is now largely fubared.


However, to answer your question: when an entry is modified, SLADE reruns it through the identification routine. There it failed to reidentify it as a PNAMES lump. This likely reveals there's a bug. Knowing how PNAMES work, the most likely scenario IMO is that it didn't update the number of patches (first value), so after the change it finds that the number of patches no longer matches the size of the lump. I'd suggest reporting the issue on the SLADE tracker, and also I'd suggest not attempting this kind of changes in the first place unless you're really sure you want to shuffle all the patches around. (The changes you can make relatively safely are: adding more patches at the very end, renaming a patch, deleting patches at the very end.)

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